Welcome to the City of Prescott Online Permitting Website


This site provides access to construction permitting, planning and zoning processing, as well as vacation rental registration services, allowing customers to complete many common processes completely online.

To get started, we need each customer’s company and contact information up-to-date in our customer database. If you would like to begin the customer registration process, please complete this easy online registration: https://cityofprescottaz.wispform.com/1892c1c5

With a Customer login you will be able to apply for permits, projects, or vacation rental, to check on record status, pay fees, schedule inspections, and search for other records to which you are linked. Once you receive your "Customer" login credentials from City staff, you can login at the top of this page as a "Customer". Once logged in, click on your DASHBOARD to access information on your current permits, projects, or vacation rentals. If you think you may already have a Customer account, please contact etrakit.general@prescott-az.gov.


Submitting Corrections or Revisions to an Existing Permit?

You do not need to apply for a new permit and fill out a new application. Please review this one-page tutorial on how to attach your corrections or revisions to an existing permit by clicking here.


Looking to Schedule an Inspection?

Inspections are scheduled online through this site and require users to have a Customer login. If you have not registered for the site as a Customer user, and you are responsible for calling in Inspections, please go to the online registration link https://cityofprescottaz.wispform.com/1892c1c5. At the end of the registration form, you will be asked to provide the permit numbers to which your new customer account should be linked. Any permit number provided will be added to your account so you can access the inspection functions.

Once staff has updated your information in our customer database, you will receive an email with your login information. Please allow up to 2 business days to receive this email.


IMPORTANT: When applying for a new permit there are many different types and subtypes from which to choose. If you select the incorrect option, you may be required to start an entirely new application. To ensure you select the correct type or subtype, please click here to be redirected to a spreadsheet that describes each City of Prescott permit type and subtype.


Did you know? Your permit and project review notes are visible through this website as soon as a review has been completed. To view these notes, go to the permit or project information page through your dashboard, click the "reviews" tab, then "More Info" when a review has been resulted. ***Please note that comments are not considered final until published in the official PERMIT PLAN REVIEW COMMENTS LETTER. Please do not respond or resubmit documents based on comments visible through PrescottPermits.com until you receive the official PERMIT REVIEW COMMENTS LETTER.***


We host 90 minute training sessions periodically as needed. We cover the following during these training sessions:


- Basic site navigation                                                                                  

- Searching for your active permits/projects                                                   

- Applying for new permits/projects                                                               
- Checking status                                                                                              

- Paying Fees                                                                                               

- Scheduling Inspections                                                                               

- Document preparation – combining, bookmarking, if attendees are interested 

- And More!                                                                                                  


These training sessions are currently held via Zoom. Schedules are TBD. Please email etrakit.general@prescott-az.gov if you are interested. 

No time to attend training? The Permitting page on our main City website has downloadable How-To's and will also feature our upcoming tutorial videos.